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Three Books of the Week: Bunnies!

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I can't tell if my daughter actually likes bunnies on her own accord, or likes them because I have forced them on her in the way of Jelly Cat stuffies and Alice in Wonderland bunny themed decor.  Either way, she likes bunnies (and fish - which is definitely on her own). So we read many books about bunnies.  And let me tell you:  there are so many books about bunnies. Like hundreds.  Maybe even thousands. Not unlike actual bunnies. Here are some of my favourites: Bunny Days by Tao Nyeu This books is a series of three little stories starring some bunnies, a goat couple and a wise bear. In each story, either Mr. Goat or Mrs. Goat does something to the poor bunnies. Like splashing them with mud or sucking them up in their vacuum.  Luckily, Bear always has a solution for the problem. Why I like it: The stories are pretty random and quirky - just like [...]

Three Books of the Week: Great Girls

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I was asked once about the lack of female protagonists in children's literature so I am doing my best to find fantastic picture books starring fearless and wonderful little girls.  I think these three are great examples of girls with great imaginations and strong personalities.  I hope you like them! Lola Dutch by Kenneth & Sarah Jane Wright I follow Sarah Jane Studios on Instagram and was very excited about the release of Lola Dutch.  Sarah Jane is a wonderfully talented illustrator and this book does not disappoint. Lola Dutch spends her days with Gator, Pig, Crane and, the sensible one, Bear.  Lola Dutch can be a bit much and makes the simplest things into great big adventures.  Like making everything for breakfast from shrimp and grits to crepes with all the whipped cream, taking almost every book out of the library, and painting the ceiling of her home like the Sistine Chapel.  She's full of imagination and creative ideas but needs [...]

Playground Survival – Toronto East

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BIRCHMOUNT COMMUNITY CENTRE PLAYGROUND Address:   93 Birchmount Road at Kingston (just east of Warden) How to Get Here:   The playground is on the northwest side of the community centre with plenty of parking on lots both adjacent to the playground and the community centre. Why We Like It: This is our neighbourhood so that's a plus. This is a brand new playground - when we moved in a couple of years ago it was an old metal one - this is a vast improvement! It's appropriate for both toddlers and big kids - with a play structure for both. Drawback:  Only ONE baby swing but two big kid swings and one accessible swing. Very quiet.  Lots of benches for you to sit and look on your phone. Although at 11:30 and 3:30 it can get busy when the nursery school lets out. Surface: My favourite!  That rubber that has a slight give/bounce to it [...]

Three Books of the Week: Horseplay

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If I Had a Horse by Gianna Marino My son is horse obsessed.  And has been for nearly three out of his almost four years - which in kids years is alot. I was so excited to find this book at my local library and it's definitely a gem find.  Very simple text with gorgeous, almost impressionist style illustrations tells the story of what a little girl (or boy) would do if she had a horse.  She would feed him, hug him, and tame him. Then they would be a fearless team who could do anything. Why I like it: This book is a wonderful work of art with a message of friendship and bravery.  George loves it because it stars his favourite animal. Noni the Pony by Alison Lester Continuing in the horse theme, this book [...]

Three Books of the Week: The Three Little Pigs

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Ribbit! By Rodrigo Folgueira with pictures by Poly Bernatene One day a little pig appears in the frog pond and all he can say is "ribbit!".  This confuses the frogs. They demand to know if he is making fun of them. Does he think he's a frog? Word gets out of the pig who ribbits like a frog and soon the pond is full of forest animals.  They argue as to why the pig ribbits and why would any animal would want to be a frog. They decide to ask the wise old beetle what this pig is doing in the pond. He suggests the pig wants to make new friends.  This never occurred to the animals.  By the time they return - the pig has disappeared.  Only to be found making friends with birds in the tree. Why I like it: This book has a sweet lesson without being hit over the head.  The fact that this [...]