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Three Books of the Week: 3-7 Year Olds

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Dinosaur Farm by Frank Preston-Gannon It's very hard being a farmer.  It's especially hard when you are feeding a farm of giant brontosauruses.  Urm, brontosauri?  Or cleaning the poop of the triceratops. This is a fun book if you have a dinosaur lover in your house.  George loved all the crazy things the farmer has to do with all his dinosaurs. Why I like it: Anytime you put farms and dinosaurs together it's a win in my house. All Aboard For The Bobo Road by Stephen Davies and Christopher Corr I grabbed this book at the library based on the brightly illustrated cover and the obvious fact that it showcases a different culture. In this book, brother and sister, Fatima and Galo, help load their dad's, Big Ali, bus with passenger luggage and go on [...]

Three Books of the Week: 3-7 Year Olds

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Old MacDino Had a Farm by Becky Davies with pictures by Ben Whitehouse This is an insanely fun take on the classic song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".  In this one, Old MacDino has a farm full of regular farm animals that have to share their space and food with dinosaurs. And these big old dinosaurs keep stomping around and ruining the farm! They STOMP!  They CHOMP! They SWOOSH!  So tons of fun actions and words for kids to get into while you read this. Why I like it: We like farms, we like dinosaurs.  Therefore I like this book. I also appreciate that Davies has included phonetic spellings of the dinos. That's How! by Christoph Nieman This is a clever little story in [...]

Three Books of the Week: Ages 3-7

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Warthog - A Counting Adventure by Birdie Black and pictures by Rosalind Beardshaw This is an absolutely fantastic lift-the-flap counting book starring a mischievous little warthog. Our warthog heads out on an adventure and counts as he goes. With each adventure we see what he <thinks> he's counting and as you lift-the-flap you find out what he is <really> counting.  Like stepping stones that are actually frog's heads or berries that are actually held in the beaks of eight birds. Why I like it: It's not your average counting book that says 'one butterfly or four carrots' - it has an actual story.  Plus lift-the-flaps are always winners (but cause so much drama between siblings).  I adore Beardshaw's illustrations which are bright and sweet. Albert's Tree by Jenni Desmond When Albert the bear wakes up [...]

Playground Survival: West Vancouver, B.C.

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PLAYGROUND SURVIVAL: WEST VANCOUVER, B.C. JOHN LAWSON PARK Address: 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, B.C.  (Just west of Ambelside Park - a fantastic beach and place to walk when in Vancouver) How to Get Here: Ummm, I have only ever driven here.  Usually from Downton Vancouver.  So head on over the Lion's Gate Bridge and then follow the signs for West Vancouver. There are parking lots along the park as well as free street parking. I am sure you could take transit but if you are a tourist in the city, I would say it's probably difficult to get to via public transit. Why We Like it: So many reasons!  When I lived in Vancouver, I used to come to Ambleside Park to walk my dogs all the time.  Now [...]

Playground Survival: The Grange

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PLAYGROUND SURVIVAL: TORONTO CENTRE GRANGE PARK Address: Beverly Street & McCaul Street Toronto (Behind the Art Gallery of Ontario at 317 Dundas Street West) How to Get Here: By car:  various parking garages around the area and street parking that can be hard to come by mid-afternoon.  3 hour limit for street parking TTC Why We Like it: As you can see from the pictures, this playground is architecturally interesting.  It blends well into the OCAD Campus looming up behind it. The playground is broken up into one area for the littler kids and one for the bigger kids - both with plenty of crooks and crannies for kids to play in.  The first time we went, all the kids (including my little toddler) stuck to the big kid one [...]