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Playground Survival – Toronto East – Moncur Park

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PLAYGROUND SURVIVAL A GUIDE TO FINDING GREAT PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE KIDS AND FANTASTIC COFFEE FOR YOU If your kids are now the age of independent play, chances are, you spend lots of time at the playground. And unless you are a mutant or a saint, this can be pretty boring. This is my guide to seeking out fun playgrounds that are both fun for your kids AND for you. What makes them fun for you?  Food and coffee of course! Thus begins my exploration of Toronto and beyond to source out the best playgrounds and the best cafés! Criteria: Lots of fun exploration for kids Good coffee and food nearby Uber Eats must be able to deliver to the playground Clean bathrooms MONCUR PLAYGROUND Address:  10 Gainsborough Road (Coxwell & Gerrard Area) How to get here:  This playground is part of a larger park mostly hidden from the main road (Coxwell).  We [...]

Three Books of the Week: Belly Laugh Books

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Bunny's Book Club by Annie Silvestro with pictures by Tatjana Mai-Wyss This is a delightful book that celebrates the love of reading. Bunny adores books ever since he first heard the librarian reading stories outside to kids.  But when the weather gets cooler, story time moves back into the library and Bunny just can't live without books. He figures out a way to get into the library at night and starts bringing stacks of books home to his den.  As he reads through the night, his friends start to wonder what he could be doing.  Soon he introduces Porcupine, Bear and more to the library at night.  They spend their nights reading up on their favourite subjects. But what will happen when the librarian discovers these night time visitors? Why I like it: I love that it shows the magic of books and how they can open up the world to you. Mai-Wyss's whimsical illustrations make it [...]

Easter Reads 2018

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PIGGY BUNNY by Rachel Vail & Jeremy Tankard I won't lie - I cried at the end of this book. What makes one cry about a pig dressed as the Easter Bunny you ask? This delightful book is about a little pig Liam who dreams of the Easter Bunny.  He practises hopping, delivering eggs and eating salad. But no one believes in him and tells him this dream is impossible.  Everyone in his life, except his grandparents. Through some encouragement and the magic of online shopping - they help Liam realize his dream.  And finally, everyone believes in him. Very sweet, bright fun illustrations and a grandma that reminds me of my own mum being a grandma to my kids (she would definitely help George be the Easter Bunny if that is what he wanted to be). [...]

Three Reads of the Week

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Hug This Book by Barney Saltzberg & Fred Benaglia This is a fabulously illustrated book about all the great things you can do with this book.  You can read it in the bath, or kiss and hug and smell this book, or you can read it up in the air to everyone in town. And, of course, you can hug this book. What did we learn? That books are about so much more than reading. Why I like it: I enjoy the retro-esque illustrations and wacky ideas Saltzberg comes up with for things you can do with the book.  I know exactly what he means by smelling it.  George thinks its silly so it gets big giggles and it's rhythmic enough for Alice to keep her attention. Charlotte and the Rock by Stephen W. Martin [...]

The Royal Ontario Museum

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THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM If you follow me on Instagram, you might notice I have a bit of a love affair with the Royal Ontario Museum, or ROM. Would I recommend it to visitors coming to Toronto for the first time?  Not necessarily. I mean I love it personally, but unless you are a super museum freak and love looking at random artifacts and reading plaques - it might not be for you. The collection is really lovely and unique in that it has both natural history and human history. I believe it is one of the only museums in the world that has that combination. And as much as I love museums, I have always had a hard time walking around and [...]