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Three Books of the Week: Spooky Halloween!

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Little Blue Truck's Halloween by Alice Schertle with pictures by Jill McElmurry Little Blue Truck is a favourite in this house (as I am sure yours too) and last year they came out with this Halloween adventure for Little Blue. Why I like it: It's lift-the-flap so my kids LOVE it (although they fight over who gets to lift-the-flap so that's fun) and I love the cute costumes all the animals are wearing. Zip! Zoom! On A Broom by Teri Sloat with pictures by Rosalinde Bonnet This is a counting book starring 10 creepy witches (on a broom). First we count up as we meet witches soaring high and low, chanting and incanting, and raving and ranting.  Then we count down as the witches have stuffed themselves too tight on a broom. Why I like [...]

Three Books of the Week: Quirky Fun

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Animobiles: Animals on the Mooove by Maddie Frost What happens when you combine vehicles that go vroom! and animals that say roar!? A creative and quirky book that your kids will love of course! A tiger-striped train takes tiger over grassy fields, parrot-planes fly above treetops, tractor-turtles tread on sand making it safe for little hatchlings, and seal-ships float across the sea dropping their anchors. Why I like it: I just love how funny and creative this book is.  Alice, my youngest, especially loves this book and giggles at the idea of monkeys on mopeds.  What kid doesn't love vehicles and animals? You Must Bring a Hat! by Simon Philip with pictures by Kate Hindley This is one of those books that make me wish my brain worked like Philip's.  I mean how do people come up with [...]

Playground Survival: High Park, Toronto

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PLAYGROUND SURVIVAL: TORONTO WEST JAMIE BELL ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND AT HIGH PARK Address: 185 Spring Road, Toronto, Ontario How to Get Here: The playground is found within High Park - I always enter via High Park Road and then you veer to the left.  It will become visible on your left with a parking lot on your right. You can take buses to the gate and streetcars to Roncesvalles Ave. I always drive here and there is plenty of (free!) parking either in the parking lot within the park or on the various streets surrounding the park on the east. Why We Like it: The whole experience of High Park is wonderful - especially in the fall when the colours are glorious. Visiting High Park from the east becomes a whole [...]

Three Books of the Week: Back to School Part Two

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I realize school went back last week, but my son only started today. And even though it has been a week for many of your kids, I am sure they are still struggling with some aspects of heading to school each day.  Mostly the departure of their parents. These books have been really helpful for me: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn with pictures by Ruth E. Harper & Nancy M. Leak This is a classic 'back to school' book that was first published 25 years ago. I hadn't heard of it until this year so I'm including it just in case you are as ignorant to New York Time's Bestselling classic children's books as I am! In this very sweet story, Chester the racoon is nervous to go to his first night at school (yes night!).  He wants to stay with his mother and his books and his toys [...]

Apple Picking Around Toronto

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Before I had kids, I always wanted to go apple-picking with the Engineer.  He was not into this idea. But now that we have kids, he has to go (even though he still loathes the idea - why - I don't know).  And so we go.  I do wonder at the groups of childless adults I see picking apples because admittedly it does seem like a very child-thing to do.  There are often bouncy castles or some sort of kid activity. And I can't help but think: if you don't have a kid you would be spending your weekend sleeping. I digress.  The point of this entry is to share my favourite spots for apple picking.  Kids or not - these are some good picks.  And I sort of want to keep them for myself save they get crazy overcrowded like Downey's.  But I will share them with you because if you are reading this post - you are seeking [...]