1605, 2019

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Okay, your tickets are booked, your hotel is reserved and your ridiculously expensive park passes (with park hopper option!) have been purchased.   Now what? [...]

1305, 2019

What My Kids are Reading This Week: A Trip to India

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As an adult, one of my most favourite things about reading books is the ability it has to take me on a journey anywhere in time and anywhere around the world. It has the same ability for kids. We were at the Royal Ontario Museum the other day for their current exhibit:  Treasures of a Desert Kingdom: The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India Both kids loved seeing the life-size elephant and horses in their Royal regalia.  They also loved the story the teacher told during our ROM Kids Jr session. Don't know what ROM Kids Jr is? [...]

505, 2019

What my kids are reading this week: Animal Love

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I Love Dogs! by Sue Stainton and Bob Staake This is a really fun visual book for kids to look for the dogs described (which dog is the bendy one Alice?) and for anyone who loves dogs. Simple text and fun illustrations - this book is perfect for any dog loving family.  My kids love looking for the dogs that look like our dogs.  I especially love how the little boy passes all these dogs on his way to adopt a dog of [...]

2904, 2019

What my kids are reading this week: Spring has Sprung!

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SPRING IS HERE! Finally!  After what seems like the longest winter (but it always seems that way right?), the birds are singing, there are buds on the trees and we haven't had a snowstorm in four weeks.  I can put the boots and snow pants away! These are some great books about spring to get your kids in the mood (if they aren't already). Spring is Here by Will Hillenbrand Who doesn't love an unlikely friendship between two animals?   This book [...]

2204, 2019

What My Kids are Reading this Week: For the Birds

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Not Your Nest by Gideon Sterer with pictures by Andrea Tsurumi George is loving this book right now.  Our poor little bird keeps building a nest for herself and each time she goes to rest, another animal has stolen it!  From a gorilla to a giraffe to a whole colony of meerkats - poor bird just keeps losing her nest!  How will she get the animals out of the tree?  With the help of a charging water buffalo obviously. What happens next is sweet [...]

1504, 2019

What My Kids Are Reading This Week: Rainy Weather!

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Spring is here.  Right? RIGHT?? And with spring comes lots of rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  Here are some fun books to make those rainy days bright. Grumpy Duck by Joyce Dunbar with pictures by Petr Horáček Duck is very grumpy.  A little gray cloud gathers above her head. She goes to each of her friends to see if they will play but is not happy with any of their activities.  Her cloud gets bigger. In fact it gets so big [...]

804, 2019

What My Kids Are Reading This Week

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Barnaby Never Forgets by Pierre Collet-Derby This is a must read everyday for the past two weeks. Good thing it's funny and easy to read!  Barnaby is a very forgetful little bunny - he can't remember where we put his glasses (he's wearing them).  Although he thinks he never forgets.  He remembers to feed his grasshoppers (but forgets to close the door) and he remembers to write to Santa (the longest letter you've ever seen). But he did forget to put out the trash [...]

104, 2019

Three Books of the Week

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The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon by Matthew Burgess with pictures by Fiona Woodcock How do you budge a curmudgeon (who somewhat resembles your brother)?  He just won't move.  No amount of budging or bribery will do. A funny, and utterly delightfully illustrated, look at sibling rivalry and how moods can be contagious. Don't Call Me Bear! by Aaron Blabey Poor little Koala.  He's [...]