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Audio Books and Stories for Kids

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I am a big fan of books on tape (or I as they are now called:  audio books).  I have been listening to books forever - as you might be able to guess from me calling them books on tape! I have been listening so long that I have had an Audible account since 2008 when Amazon bought it. You get it.  I LOVE audiobooks.  I have fond memories of road trips with my parents and listening to the old school tapes or falling asleep listening for the 100th time to Anne of Green Gables. Therefore, when we embarked on our road trip I looked into Audible's selection of kids books and stories that we could listen to together as a family.  We haven't had much luck with podcasts (although there are so many great ones) but my kids love love loved these choices. Bedtime Stories and Lullabies by Campbell Books You might recognize the [...]

Playground Survival: East Lynn Park, Toronto

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PLAYGROUND SURVIVAL: EAST LYNN PARK Or Rusty's Reach (apparently - but I've never heard anyone call it this) Address: 1949 Danforth Ave Near Danforth Ave and East Lynn Ave How to Get Here: I get here by car and find plentiful free parking on the streets around the park. By Subway:  It's a short walk from the Woodbine station By Bus:  #300A & #300B both stop right in front of the park Why We Like it: So many reasons! I first discovered the playground because I would come here with George on their farmer's market day (Thursday) in the summer.  The farmer's market was great and we would grab dinner, watch the music or the balloon [...]

Three Books of the Week: Little Detectives

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I am a big fan of mysteries:  books, movies, television shows and podcasts.  Recently, George has taken an interest in solving mysteries around the house (The mystery of mama's missing headphones. Hint: Alice put them in the Christmas tree.) so we've been reading some books with mystery-solving animals.  These detectives are all funny, silly and probably not the ones you would actually call to solve your case of missing diamonds - but that's why we love them. Inspector Brunswick: The Case of the Missing Eyebrow by Angela Keoghan and Chris Lam Sam Meet the world's greatest cat detective, Inspector Brunswick, and his loyal assistant, Nelson. Today they are at the museum for a well-deserved break until a mystery presents itself:  The Admiral (a painting) is missing an eyebrow!  The duo (well, mostly Nelson) solve the case in a funny and wonderfully illustrated way.  Seriously. The Illustrations.  I love them. [...]

Ten MORE Books About Christmas

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Frozen Olaf's Night Before Christmas by Disney Book Group Now I am not one to read many books based on characters in movies or television - to be honest I don’t find them well-written or will good stories. But I really enjoyed this Frozen take on The Night Before Christmas.  If you have an Olaf fan (or Elsa or Anna) in your house, this is a great book to have! I got it from the library, but if you were to buy a copy it comes with a CD of the audio by Josh Gad.  Even just reading the story I could hear his voice.  It’s a nice and clever twist on the traditional poem. Rory the Dinosaur Needs a Christmas Tree by Liz Climo Rory the dinosaur is very excited for Christmas and is [...]

Ten Books About Christmas

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Fox and Squirrel: The Best Christmas Ever by Ruth Ohi Ruth Ohi is a local Torontonian author and illustrator and we love her series about Fox and Squirrel. In this one, the duo are excited for Christmas and Squirrel is determined to make it the best Christmas ever by decorating with green and red.  Fox tries to help him, but Squirrel gets mad (hmmm, similar to how I am decorating our tree with the kids) and tells Fox that he will ruin his decorating.   Squirrel wonders into the forest suddenly finds himself lost. Luckily, Fox followed him.  Squirrel apologizes and they continue to make the best Christmas ever by sharing why they love each other. There is one illustration in particular I love because Ohi has completely captured the light of a freezing cold, winter's day as the sun gets low.  It's my favourite light in winter (and about one of the only parts I actually [...]