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2305, 2017

New York According to Me: Lower East Side

May 23rd, 2017|

There is so much to see and do in Manhattan and there is never enough time. I mean I spent two years plus the many trips I still do back there and I still have more to see. My advice for the first timer is to not worry about all the museums/sites, etc but try to just wander and get lost in the many streets and avenues. You will always discover something interesting. So I am going to attempt my advice by neighbourhood. Here is the Lower East Side: 1. Tenement Museum I LOVE the Lower East Side. It isn't the prettiest part of NYC, but the history makes me think it's beautiful. And the Tenement Museum is a perfect way to introduce yourself into the LES. 1 in 4 Americans came through Ellis Island (and Ellis Island was only open for 32 years!) and practically all of those immigrants who landed [...]