//Three Reads of the Week

Three Reads of the Week

Hug This Book

by Barney Saltzberg & Fred Benaglia

This is a fabulously illustrated book about all the great things you can do with this book.  You can read it in the bath, or kiss and hug and smell this book, or you can read it up in the air to everyone in town.

And, of course, you can hug this book.

What did we learn?

That books are about so much more than reading.

Why I like it:

I enjoy the retro-esque illustrations and wacky ideas Saltzberg comes up with for things you can do with the book.  I know exactly what he means by smelling it.  George thinks its silly so it gets big giggles and it’s rhythmic enough for Alice to keep her attention.

Charlotte and the Rock

by Stephen W. Martin and Samantha Cotterill

I first picked up this book because I had hoped it was about curling and would tie in nicely with the Olympics and my mother’s obsession with curling.

However, there is no curling.  But there is a rock.

Charlotte Grey wants a pet so badly.  She didn’t care what sort of pet, as long as it was a pet.

On her sixth birthday, her parents get her a pet rock.  This was not what Charlotte had in mind.  But she makes the best of it because rocks are good listeners and are easy to train.

She and the rock become inseparable although Charlotte desperately wishes her rock could love her back. The rock has quite a surprise for Charlotte however and definitely loves her back.

What did we learn?

That you get what you get and you don’t get upset.  Or:  how to always make the best of any situation.

Why I like it

It’s a very sweet story with a great ending and I love Cotterill’s illustrations.

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley

Obviously we all need a manual on how to wash a woolly mammoth and this is the best instruction book I have found.

There are many steps and it is quite difficult because woolly mammoth’s are very large.  And they don’t love baths.

You will need some tips for getting them in the bath (like prodding with sticks and bribing with cupcakes).  And ideas for fun shampoo hairstyles.  And make sure not to get shampoo in your mammoth’s eyes!

What did we learn?

How to wash a woolly mammoth.

Why I like it

It’s quirky, clever and I always love a good woolly mammoth story.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,


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