//Three Books of the Week

Three Books of the Week

Beastly Babies

by Ellen Jackson and Brendan Wenzel

This is a fantastic book for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  Jackson explores all the babies of the beast world from whales to dromedary (this is a particular shout out to my dear friend K. A. Fischer who once schooled her grade one teacher on the difference between a camel and a dromedary. Hint:  it’s in the number of humps.) to elephants to kittens.

We see all the trouble babies get in to and all the messes they like to make.  We also see that mamas love their babies best no matter what.

What did we learn?

That all babies, smooth or hairy, human or beast drive their mamas bananas.  And one day when they grow up, they will have to contend with beastly babies of their own.

Why I like it:

This is a fabulously illustrated book with fun rhyming text that appeals to both my kids. I like how he includes lesser-talked about animals. I love my farm animals but it’s lovely to have a departure from the barn from time to time.

Tea Rex

by Molly Idle

George got a tea set for Christmas this year (his request) and this is exactly the sort of tea party my son likes to have:  the disruptive kind.

Cordelia and her brother invite Rex (a T-Rex) over for a tea party.  Cordelia has specific instructions on how to throw a tea party which Rex may, or may not, have some difficulties with.

What did we learn?

We learned how to throw a tea party!

Why I like it

I like tea. George likes dinosaurs.  George now wants to throw a tea party. I win.

What Can a Crane Pick up?

by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Mike Lowery

Rebecca Kai Dotlich is a poet and you can definitely tell in this book.  She creates a fun, rhyming poem exploring all the things a crane can pick up. Submarines, a railroad car, or boxes of underwear.

What did we learn?

What cranes can pick up.

Why I like it

It’s so fun and silly – George is always in hysterics when we get to the boxes of underwear.  I’m not really into this whole crane/dump truck/digger thing so sometimes forget my son is.  Books like this make it more fun for me too.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,


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