//Three Books of the Week

Three Books of the Week

Nobody’s Duck

by Mary Sullivan

I don’t know why ducks make everything funny – but they do.

In this book, an alligator finds a duck in his yard and wonders this duck belongs to.  They go to the library, the movies, the go-carts and even skydiving searching for the owner of the duck.

In the end, the duck gives his answer simply:  he belongs to the alligator!  And the alligator belongs to duck. I may have gotten a tad emotional on our first read.

Why I like it:

I love these friendship books when one character is uptight and the other is carefree and a bit kooky – it reminds me of my marriage.  Baha!

Sullivan adds lots of humour to the sweetness with great illustrations. Both my kids love this book and laugh out loud at the end.

A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting

by Michelle Robinson & David Roberts

If you are heading out into bear country you need this guide.  It tells you all about the dangers of meeting a brown bear and all the dangers of meeting a black bear. What happens if you meet a bear?

What is the best defence when surrounded by bears?  A pack of gum or a cuddly, stuffed bear?  Read this guide and you’ll find out!

Why I like it:

I like these types of books that are funny instruction manuals for kids.  It has actual facts in it (like how much a bear weighs and their Latin names) mixed with the silly humour and the unlikely event of actually being surrounded by bears on your walk.

Mama Lion Wins the Race

by Jon J Muth

This book is a tad random but I enjoyed it. Mama Lion and Tigey are part of a madcap car race with the Flying Pandinis and the Knitted Monkeys.

The cars are inspired from the early days of Italian racing and the characters speed past what I think could only be the Tuscan countryside. The message is great: it isn’t about winning the race but the journey of the race.

Why I like it

I have a thing for all things Italian.  Including my own wedding.  I don’t have a drop of Italian blood in me but I sure wish I did.  So naturally I am trying to instil a love of Italia in my kids.  I love love love the illustrations in this book that makes me want to hop over to Tuscany, or in the very list, sip a Campari.  The message is also super sweet:  life is beautiful and winning isn’t about coming first.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,


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