//Three Books of the Week: Baby & Toddler Board Books

Three Books of the Week: Baby & Toddler Board Books

I realized that it was time for some great books for the youngest of readers seeing as I focus so much on what I read to my preschooler.  I read to George as a baby and toddler ferociously, Alice merely gets the listen to the books her brother is reading most of the time. I’m trying to make time just for Alice and read more toddler-age books.  And in doing so, I’m finding that George likes them just as much as the longer and more complicated books. These are choices that both kids loved and I read again and again (I know a few off by heart).

Dancing Feet!

by Lindsey Craig & Marc Brown

Great language and sound effects keep your baby’s interest in this one:  stompity! stompity! tippety! tappety! slappity!

Also great because it asks the baby who is making that sound with their dancing feet so it builds anticipation.  They see elephants, caterpillars, ducks and ladybugs dance on their dancing feet.

Why I like it:

Rhyming, rhythm and repetition.  Things you need in a baby board book.

Doing the Animal Bop

by Jan Ormerod and Lindsey Gardiner

Oh the Animal Bop.  This is one book that we have that I’ve read so many times that I could do the animal bop in my sleep.

George loved this book.

oved this book.

Just reading it makes me think of the time just before he turned two when he would prance around the house doing his animal bop.

Now Alice loves it and George still likes to boogie when I read it.

The language is fun and quirky – “flim flam flutter to the ostrich flounce” and we meet lots of different animals.

The duo also has created a follow up The Animal Bop Just Won’t Stop and similar titles like Whoosh Around the Mulberry Bush that we have on our bookshelf but they aren’t quite as popular as this one.

Why I like it

Despite my husband wanting to hide it for a while, I don’t actually get sick of reading it over and over again.  Which you will have to do if you get this book.

Oh and I just saw that this edition has a CD?!  What? Now I have to get it.

Barnyard Dance

by Sandra Boynton

I may as well stick with the dancing animal theme right?

I feel most people with small children know Sandra Boynton.  And if you don’t – get thyself to a bookstore/library fast!

All of Boynton’s books are fun with bright colourful illustrations babies love.  They all have a great rhythm that is fun to read.

This one is by far our favourite.  Even as a teeny, tiny baby George seemed to settle when we would read this to him. This is another book that I have memorized. It’s a great farm animal book and you might just find yourself square dancing.

Why I like it

It has all the things you need to keep the attention of a toddler – mostly because the cadence at which you will find yourself reading is very toddler friendly.

Boynton also has an app and this book is included – it’s fantastic! I wrote about it here.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,


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