//Three Books of the Week: Bunnies!

Three Books of the Week: Bunnies!

I can’t tell if my daughter actually likes bunnies on her own accord, or likes them because I have forced them on her in the way of Jelly Cat stuffies and Alice in Wonderland bunny themed decor.  Either way, she likes bunnies (and fish – which is definitely on her own).

So we read many books about bunnies.  And let me tell you:  there are so many books about bunnies.

Like hundreds.  Maybe even thousands.

Not unlike actual bunnies.

Here are some of my favourites:

Bunny Days

by Tao Nyeu

This books is a series of three little stories starring some bunnies, a goat couple and a wise bear.

In each story, either Mr. Goat or Mrs. Goat does something to the poor bunnies. Like splashing them with mud or sucking them up in their vacuum.  Luckily, Bear always has a solution for the problem.

Why I like it:

The stories are pretty random and quirky – just like a child’s way of thinking.  Nyeu is so good at creating a world that makes no sense to adults but that kids understand perfectly.


by Kevan Atteberry

My kids love this book.  An enthusiastic monster is greeting everything he sees on his walk but we he sees a cluster of bunnies he screams in excitement.

Of course this terrifies the bunnies and they go into hiding.  Poor monster.  Continuing in his greetings, although with less enthusiasm, monster keeps walking. Once again he sees the bunnies and goes bananas.

Will the bunnies see that he is not scary at all but a new friend?

Why I like it:

It’s goofy and silly with a fun message about making friends.  And I get to yell:  BUUUUNNNNNNNNIEEESSSS!

Too Many Carrots

by Katy Hudson

Rabbit loves carrots.  He loves carrots so much that he collects them wherever he goes.  He stores them away in his cozy little hole that is, unfortunately, too full of carrots for him to sleep.  His friends, Turtle, Bird, Squirrel and Beaver offer their homes for him to snooze in.  Too bad for them, he brings his carrot collection with him.

When there are no homes left for the gang to sleep in, Rabbit realizes that carrots aren’t for collecting.  They are for sharing.  And he has the best carrot party ever.

Why I like it

We like the bright illustrations and the kindness in the characters that we meet.  It has a good lesson in sharing.

Plus it makes George ask for carrots!

Bonus pick (I couldn’t narrow it down!)

Little White Rabbit

by Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes is one of those author/illustrators that I always seek out. I love his books.  In this book, little white rabbit is exploring the world.  Each time he meets something new, he wonders what it would be like to be something else.

What if he was like grass and was green?

 Or what if he was a rock and stayed still all the time?

What if he could flutter like a butterfly?

The only thing he doesn’t wonder about is who loves him most. Insert happy face emoji and a heart (because it’s his mummy).

Why I like it

Like I said, I love all Kevin Henkes books. His soft, lovely illustrations and his stories that are full of wonder and whimsy.  I like that this one started a great conversation (that I wouldn’t have thought of) about what it would be like to be a rock or a cloud.

I hope you enjoy these bunny picks – and as always – Happy Reading!

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