//Three Books of the Week: Quirky Fun

Three Books of the Week: Quirky Fun

Animobiles: Animals on the Mooove

by Maddie Frost

What happens when you combine vehicles that go vroom! and animals that say roar!?

A creative and quirky book that your kids will love of course!

A tiger-striped train takes tiger over grassy fields, parrot-planes fly above treetops, tractor-turtles tread on sand making it safe for little hatchlings, and seal-ships float across the sea dropping their anchors.

Why I like it:

I just love how funny and creative this book is.  Alice, my youngest, especially loves this book and giggles at the idea of monkeys on mopeds.  What kid doesn’t love vehicles and animals?

You Must Bring a Hat!

by Simon Philip with pictures by Kate Hindley

This is one of those books that make me wish my brain worked like Philip’s.  I mean how do people come up with these hilariously random and quirky ideas?  I’m too practical.

In this book, a boy is invited to a party in which he must where a hat. Sounds easy right?  The only problem is he doesn’t own one and the local haberdashery is sold out!  What comes next is a parade of animals and new stipulations for entry to the party.

Why I like it:

I have soooo much fun reading this book to the kids!  Hindley has so much great detail in her illustrations that we spend so much time pouring over the pictures.  The story is silly and quirky and whimsical. All my favourite things.

There’s a Giraffe in My Soup

by Ross Burach

When a little boy goes for a meal at a restaurant he keeps having to send his food back – he has a zoo of animals in his soup!

From a giraffe to an elephant to a lion.  The waiter has fantastic puns and is most apologetic. But when he gets a moose in his mousse, it’s time to leave and see if he can get something to eat at the zoo with the rest of the animals.

Why I like it

This book has such fun writing with clever puns and a stuffy waiter.  My kids like to see what animal will be served up next.  We borrowed this book so many times, I eventually bought it (always a good sign of a great book!).

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,


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