//Three Books of the Week: Spooky Halloween!

Three Books of the Week: Spooky Halloween!

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

by Alice Schertle with pictures by Jill McElmurry

Little Blue Truck is a favourite in this house (as I am sure yours too) and last year they came out with this Halloween adventure for Little Blue.

Why I like it:

It’s lift-the-flap so my kids LOVE it (although they fight over who gets to lift-the-flap so that’s fun) and I love the cute costumes all the animals are wearing.

Zip! Zoom! On A Broom

by Teri Sloat with pictures by Rosalinde Bonnet

This is a counting book starring 10 creepy witches (on a broom). First we count up as we meet witches soaring high and low, chanting and incanting, and raving and ranting.  Then we count down as the witches have stuffed themselves too tight on a broom.

Why I like it:

There are lots of fun words in here that I obviously don’t say often (chant, incant, rave, moan) and the kids love all the witchy antics.  I also love the illustrations – especially the ghosts having tea.

Sir Simon Super Scarer

by Cale Atkinson

This is a new book this year from a Canadian author/illustrator.

Sir Simon is a ghostest with the mostest who has been haunting forests (which is really hard), boats and bus stops.  But now he’s been assigned his very first house to haunt!  The bad news:  haunting a house calls for Ghost chores. Like flushing toilets, and creeking on stairs in the middle of the night, and standing in windows wearing old-timey clothes. And this sort of sucks for Simon because he has other things he wants to do like learning French or writing his novel.

Lucky for him, a kid named Chester lives in the house and he will do all the Ghost chores for Simon! Unfortunately, Chester asks so many questions and doesn’t quite haunt the right way.  Simon is fed up until he realizes that Chester has been transferred a lot like him and decides he’s been too hard on the poor kid.  Together they work together and get all their chores done so they can spend more time having fun.

Why I like it

It’s a clever take on a ghost story and definitely appeals to the kids who hate doing chores.  I love love love the illustrations – there is so much fun detail.

Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Haunting!


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