//Three Books of the Week: What happens in a Year

Three Books of the Week: What happens in a Year

This week I am concentrating on months and seasons.  I think seasons are much easier to grasp that what a month is but hopefully these books will help with that!

The Magic in a Year

by Frank Boylan (with thanks to Sara Coleridge for inspiration) and pictures by Sally Garland.

This story is inspired by a poem The Garden Year written in 1834 by Sara Coleridge.  In the poem, Coleridge explores each month and what wonder it brings.

In the book, a little girl and her dog explore all the bright and beautiful things each month brings:  ice and snow (that make her cheeks glow), warm rain showers, reading in the shade of a tree, collecting leaves and staying cozy by the fire.

Why I like it:

The illustrations are so bright and truly evoke what the seasons bring.  It’s great for talking about the seasons and the concept of what a ‘month’ is.

** Canadian**

My Little Fox

by Rick Chrustowski

This is a sweet book about a mama fox and her kit.  Born in the early days of spring, kit is finally ready to explore the outdoors.

The mother and baby enjoy the wet spring and the summer sun.  The kit jumps in the fall leaves and goes slow in the snow.  And when the next spring comes, he is old enough to explore the wild on his own.  As he sets off, his mama reminds him that he can always find her in their den under the tree.

Cue:  sobbing.

Why I like it:

The text is really simple with playful illustrations of a kit (that could easily be a child) exploring the seasons.  Although it’s horribly sad when the baby sets off on his own and is alone.


Love You More

by Susan Musgrave & Esperanca Melo

We have been reading this book since George was a newborn.  And yet he still cannot name the months . . . . hmmmmm, maybe these are terrible recommendations.  Ha!

Anyhoo, we adore this book about a parent who loves a little girl through each month and each season.

It’s a rhyming text that takes us through the months and the things that nature brings.

I always point out when we get to “April showers that bring May flowers” that I love my May flower. To which George says, “that’s me!”.  Musgrave & Melo really evoke the feelings of the seasons in just a few words and perfect illustrations:  “I love you more that the animals being born on a warm June morn” or “I love you more than the pumpkin coloured leaves whispering through the October trees.”  My favourite illustration is July and August – it always makes me want to go to PEI and fly a kite.

Why I like it

Well you can probably tell why I like it.  It’s a fantastic book for babies up to preschool.  A great gift for a new mom!  I do think George gets the rhyming of the months but the concept is still pretty confusing.  We have nailed the seasons though and this book definitely helps.


Hope you enjoy these picks!  And as always,

Happy Reading,


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