Three Books of the Week: Weather

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Sometimes Rain by Meg Fleming with pictures by Diana Sudyka I adore this book!  It's about the weather, the seasons and all the wonderful things kids get to do throughout the year.  The illustrations are just incredible and it's fun to read this poetic tribute and talk about winter, spring, summer and fall. The Weather [...]

Playground Survival: Jump For Joy Play Centre

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PLAYGROUND SURVIVAL: TORONTO EAST JUMP FOR JOY PLAY CENTRE I think we are coming to the end of winter, but lets get real, in Toronto spring doesn't truly make an appearance until mid April at least! Which means we still have quite a few weeks of indoor play (and to [...]

Three Books of the Week

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Nibbles: The Book Monster by Emma Yarlett This book is harder to find but if you can do it - it's worth it.  Both my kids adore this book. Nibbles is a very naughty book monster who keeps eating his way through different stories.  The book is interactive, clever and has so much detail (including holes and tears where Nibbles has nibbled). Amazing read for your permanent shelf! [...]

Three Books of the Week: Big Bear Love

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Bear's Big Bottom by Steve Smallman with pictures by Emma Yarlett Bear is so friendly and sweet.  He's always there to help and play.  It's just unfortunate that his big bottom often gets in the way. Your kids will be howling reading this one as poor Bear learns to deal with his large derrière. Please [...]

Three Books of the Week: Funny Bone Books

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My son only wants to read funny books at the moment (a trend I gather that lasts through the teens until he is a moody university student annoying the people sitting at the next table by loudly talking about politics.  Ummm, no a group of U of T students did NOT inspired that last rant). Anyways, here are three books that make him giggle. The Little Pig, The Bicycle, and the Moon by Pierette Dubé with [...]