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Three Books of the Week: Olympics Meet Chinese New Year

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Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas by Natasha Him & Grace Zong As you can guess from the title, this is a twist on the classic fairytale with some Chinese New Year Themes. Goldy Luck's mom sends Goldy Luck to the Chan's with a plate of turnip cakes to wish them a Kung Hei Fat Choi.  I'm going to assume you know the story so it will come as no surprise that Goldy Luck finds some hot and not-so-hot congee (the Chinese version of porridge), some chairs to test out, and some beds to take a nap in. The Chan's turn out to be a family of pandas and when Goldy is discovered she races home.  Feeling badly for what she's done, she returns to their home with some fresh congee and helps them make turnip cakes (she may have dropped them on her hasty exit). What did we learn? Even when you have done something bad or [...]

Three Books of the Week: Valentine’s Day!

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After Christmas I thought that there was a lull in my thematic reading to the kids and then I realized February was rife with exciting things to read about and they appear to all be happening within a very short span of time: Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and the 2018 Winter Olympics!! At breakfast we have a fun mix of books about raining hearts, dragons and rabbits skiing down hills.  It makes for a bit of confusion.  George wants to make some Valentine's cards for the lion dancers. Here is what we are reading for Valentine's Day: The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond I think this is one of my favourites for Valentine's Day.  It's sweet and simple without being overly sappy. One day it rains hearts and Cornelia Augusta catches them make the perfect Valentine's for her friends:  a dog, a mouse, a turtle and a rabbit. What did we learn? To [...]

How to Get Around the Airport with Kids

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GETTING AROUND THE AIRPORT SOLO After posting my flying tips, a friend of mine asked me to explain how I actually moved through the airport. Ummm, I don't.  Not really. I have done it approximately 2.5 times. Time #1 was when I landed at Heathrow airport. I had concentrated so much on the flight with George I had completely forgotten to take into consideration how I would get from the gate, to luggage claim, to the bus, to the rental car.  In the rain. I won't lie. I was a gong show and a total mess. I still have no idea how I did it really but I think it was a game of Jenga piling my luggage and carseat bag on the cart, placing George either precariously on top or having him in the Ergo 360, and carrying the stroller on my back. The end result was that I got to the car rental place completely flustered and stressed out.  Below is a picture of all that I carried. [...]

Three Books of the Week: Olympic Edition!

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OH MY GOSH IT'S MY MOST FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR!  Well, my favourite time of every four years:  The Winter Olympics! I feel most people love the summer Olympics but not me.  It's all about the winter ones.  I think partly because Canada does best in those and partly because I actually do many of the sports (urm, if by 'many' I mean skate, ski, snowboard, and cross-country ski) so totally understand them.  As if.  I just understand that they are freaking hard. Anyways, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies air this Friday and I am very excited and hope to get George & Alice on board in my cheering section.  I've picked some books to prep them: Max and Marla by Alexandra Boiger I absolutely adore this book.  Max is a little boy and Marla is an owl. They are best friends. They are also Olympians. The duo have all it takes to be Olympians:  preparation, [...]

Three Books of the Week: Cuddle Up Reads for 3-7

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The Wish Tree by Kyo Maclear and pictures by Chris Turnham This is a perfect book for a mid-winter blues afternoon snuggle read. Charles wants to go in search of the wish tree in the forest.  His brother and sister tell him it doesn't exist but his trust sidekick, a toboggan named Boggan, has faith.  The duo enter the forest with the whole day ahead of them but keep getting sidetracked when they meet forest animals that need help. Before long, Charles and Boggan have moved hazelnuts and birch logs and winter berries and haven't found the wish tree yet. Charles grows tired and falls asleep as the forest animals pull Boggan to where the wish tree sits.  When he wakes up, he ties his wish to the tree and then has the most lovely, whimsical dinner party I have ever seen. I would also like some birch tea and hazelnut soufflé with a beaver [...]