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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or, if you are like me, it's the most stressful time of the year! I want to know who these people are who can have their homes decorated by December 1st.  HOW do they do it?  My goal was the 1st.  Alas, the tree wasn't up and finished until the 12th.  And my tree, I mean trees.  My husband and I are both fiercely passionate about our Christmas trees.  I insist on a real, lovely scented, sticky sap and prickly-needled tree.  He insists on a fake tree.  Our compromise?  Two trees.  But this means twice the work and twice the decorating. Also, have you strung lights on a real tree with a preschooler and toddler at your feet?  It seriously took me days.  My son is going to have such heartwarming memories of decorating the tree with his mama.  "I SAID STOP!  Don't put that ornament there!  That's breakable don't touch!  GO SIT ON THE COUCH AND JUST WATCH!"  Ah, the magic [...]

Three Books of the Week: A Yeti, a Tiger, and a Chrismukkah

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The Thing About Yetis by Vin Vogel For whatever reason, George is obsessed with yetis at the moment.  We read this book again and again. Yetis love winter.  They love to make snowballs (or become snowyetis), they love to build snow castles and then play Godzilla, and they love to sled down big hills.  But some winter days, even Yetis have enough. This is when Yetis dream of days on the beach building sandcastles and then playing Godzilla or endless days of sunshine. This clever Yeti figures out a way to bring summer to the coldest of winter days. What did we learn? Winter has many wonderful things. But it is still long and horrible. Why I like it: I also like the Yeti - he is a funny, misunderstood monster.  I like that George likes it but it captures the attention of Alice.  And I like that even Yetis get sick of winter. [...]

Three Books of the Week: Friendship! Ages 3-7

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It's been quite a while since I've updated this poor book blog. Due to an incident involving a hot cup of tea, a mom trying to buy a child's parka online and a three-year-old asking for a story (the irony is not lost on me) - my trusty laptop now rests wherever dead laptops go to rest. In the time it has taken me to replace said laptop, my to be written about book list has grown steadily higher on the floor next to my bed, on our kitchen table, in our reading nook - you name it - anywhere there can be books, there are books. So without further adieu, let's get back to my three picks of the week! Super Manny Stands Up! by Kelly DiPucchio and Stephanie Graegan Manny is a little racoon who has capes of many colours that he wears at home.  He has his blue cape that helps protect him from unsavoury [...]

Three Books of the Week: Whimsical Wonder! Ages 3-7

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Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima Kelp was born in the ocean but has always known he doesn't quite fit in.  His tusk isn't as long as those of his friends, he doesn't share the same taste in food and he can't swim nearly as well as the other narwhal. One day, he is carried out of the sea on a current and discovers a whole new world of land narwhals!  Otherwise known as unicorns.  Among them, he discovers that he is actually a unicorn, not a narwhal and for once in his life belongs. But he misses his friends back in the oceans.  Can Kelp have the best of both worlds? What did we learn? That narwhals are sea unicorns and unicorns are land narwhals. Why I like it: Narwhals & unicorns.  Enough said.   [...]

Trick or Read: Books for Halloween

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Trick or Treat! George is now at the age that he truly understands Halloween and is so excited he wakes up every morning and screams "trick or treat time?". This is the first Halloween were he has decided his own costume. Which is a cowboy.  Well, first he wanted to be a ghost, then Jessie from Toy Story, then a cowboy, then popcorn - just a kernel - and back to a cowboy. So now we can't do our usual family Halloween theme unless we are willing to be politically incorrect (look up cowboy family Halloween costume). Needless to say we have been reading Halloween-themed books since the 1st of October and there are so many out there. This is my 2017 list for great reads to get your little ghoul into the Halloween spirit. All rated by scare factor of course! Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas This one made me chuckle – I [...]