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How To Make Flying with Babies and Toddlers Suck Less

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So you are getting on an airplane with your baby/toddler/preschooler. What can I say about that? Not much beyond "may the force be with you".   Just kidding - it's not nearly as bad as you think it will be. Or it might be. That's the fun part! It's like Russian roulette for your sanity. Will you spend six hours with a screaming baby or a sleeping baby? Will your child have an explosive diaper situation that will have you carrying a bag of poop soaked clothes off of the plane or will they be a perfect angel who holds their poops until you land? I have flown a ton with my kids and I can honestly say the first flight with each is the worst.  Not because of their behaviour - but because I had no idea what to expect. Once you get that first [...]

Books About Fall: Sarah’s 2017 List

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  It's that time of the year again. The time of the year when mornings are crisp, when sun shines onto yellow or orange leaves, and when this mama makes all things pumpkin (or drinks a plethora of PSL's). Since moving to Ontario, I have developed a deep love of October and fall and maximizing leaf-viewing time. I love picking apples, going to the farm for pumpkins, taking endless pictures of red trees and eating pumpkin scones.  Clearly, I need to make my kids love this season as much as me.  Therefore it's great that there is an abundance of books about fall.  So many, in fact, this post will be in two or three parts to cover them all (because I can't write about more than ten at one sitting and you probably don't want to read my ramblings for more than that). Anyways, grab a blanket (preferably plaid), a cup of tea and your little reader and snuggle in to read my fall [...]

Three Books of the Week: Motor On! Ages 2-7

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Mighty, Mighty Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld This is the sequel to the much-loved Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site  (please tell me you have read this).  In this instalment, the trucks and  . . . . uh, big rig things, build a massive structure in one day. I would say it's twice as long as Goodnight Construction Site and can be quite a mouthful when reading. I won't lie.  I couldn't care less about trucks and construction vehicles.  But kids LOVE construction sites and big vehicles. And, in my experience, this happens in both boys and girls.  George adores these books.  And watching construction sites.  Which I am happy to indulge - as long as I have a place to sit, a book to read and a coffee.  He can watch all day for all I care. But I digress. What did we learn? A whole new slew of terms for construction vehicles.  Like skid steer and [...]

Three Books of the Week: Ages 2-5

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Chengdu Can Do by Barney Saltzberg Chengdu is a panda who can do many things.  He can push, pull, climb and swing - yes, he can do many things.  But sometimes even Chengdu needs help (especially when it comes to getting some leafy bamboo leaves) and that's okay. What did we learn? That even though you want to do something yourself, it's okay to get help when you just can't. Why I like it: We like pandas in this house.  We also like doing everything ourselves (well, not me so much, but my stubborn son) and it's a nice reminder that everyone needs help sometimes.  Also - the illustrations are simple and the pages extend which is always fun for a little reader.     Papasaurus by Stephen Lomp Babysaurus (a brontosaurus I [...]

Three Books of the Week: Ages 3-8

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The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli It's snowing in parts of Canada today but it's still hot & humid here in Toronto.  In fact the other way we know it's September is that the splash pads are empty and the crowds have left the zoo.  And that we had our last Ontario-grown watermelon this week. George loves watermelon.  I mean I like watermelon but this kid can practically eat an entire watermelon and he doesn't eat much of anything else.  Just like the crocodile in this story.  Crocodile will eat watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He absolutely loves watermelon.  One day he eats it so fast he swallows a seed! Crocodile is terrified that I watermelon will grow inside him and vines will come out of his ears.  Luckily, he burps it right back up. What did we learn? That watermelons have seeds.  Remember when they had seeds??! Why I like it: My grandmother also loved [...]